Facility Location Determination

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Facility Location Determination

This form may be used to submit a facility's operating location(s). Based on the information provided, BOEM will determine if the location(s) is in an area included in the OSFR program. If the facility(s) has a worst case oil spill discharge potential of more than 1,000 barrels of oil, and it is located within the OSFR boundaries, it is considered a covered offshore facility. A designated applicant must submit the appropriate forms for processing.

Please provide latitude and longitude in decimal degrees format. As an example, the latitude should be in the format of "26.5873" and the longitude as "-90.5895" (exclude quotation marks). When entering a latitude or longitude numeric value in the submittal form, do not include quotation marks or North or West text (N, W); you may include the longitudinal negative sign. A reply will be forwarded to you by the e-mail address specified, so please verify for accuracy.

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