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Pacific Leasing Information

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Files listed in the table below are for the Pacific OCS Region only. Leasing Information and Data includes information on the status of leases along with the geographic locations, effective date, surface acreage and other data elements specific to the lease. Lease Owner details lease ownership by percentage and includes the company who is the designated lease operator.

PDF Report Downloads

  • Active Leases by Designated Operator
  • Company List with Addresses
  • Lease Data
  • Lease Owner by Lease
  • Lease Owner by Owner
  • Serial Register Summary Report for Active Leases
  • Serial Register Report for Active Leases

ASCII Downloads

Please read our disclaimer prior to downloading files. For additional information, visit FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about importing files. For a complete record layout and associated data definitions click on the File Name of interest.

File Name 
Last Updated 
Company (Active) 7/1/2024 6:31:04 AM Fixed Delimit List of all ACTIVE Companies and Addresses
Company (All) 7/1/2024 6:31:02 AM Fixed Delimit List of ALL Companies and Addresses
Lease Owner 7/1/2024 6:31:05 AM Fixed Delimit All Information Available for all Leases and Ownership by Lease
Lease Owner with Designated Operator 7/1/2024 6:31:06 AM Fixed Delimit Current Lessees for all Leases with Designated Operator