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FAQ About Importing Files

What is summary file?

A summary file provides a list of all data fields that are contained in the file selected to be downloaded.  It describes in detail what and where each field is within the file, and the fields associated definition.  Other fields included within the summary file are:

Start Position - The starting position of the column (field).  It is applicable to fixed dumps only.

Item Length - The length of a column (field).

Column Alias - A name specified in the query definition that is used as a heading on reports.

Definition - A brief description of the column (field).

What is the domain file?

A domain file provides a list of all columns (fields) that have an associated domain.  A domain defines the valid list of values or a range associated with the column.  Descriptions are provided for domain items such as codes and abbreviations.

Can this date be queried?

Once you have downloaded the data and have decompressed the file, the data can then be imported into a variety of database or spreadsheet packages to facilitate queries or reports.

How do I get my file into Microsoft Access?

To load these files into Access, simply use the import option, selecting the data file.  Specify the import options as delimited, with quotes separated by commas.  Use the summary file to rename the fields after the import is complete.  After this you can use the Wizards to create your reports.