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Facility/Measurement Points(FMP) Online Query
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 EAST BAY, LA03368Whitney Oil & Gas, LLC01170754800EAST BAY COMMINGLING FACILITYINV411/3/19542017075480020170754800
 EAST BAY, LA03368Whitney Oil & Gas, LLC20170754800EAST BAY COMMINGLING FACILITYACT311/3/1954  
 EAST BAY, LA03368Whitney Oil & Gas, LLC3017075E000EAST BAY COMMINGLING FACILITYGAS311/3/1954  
 GRAND ISLE, LA03295Fieldwood Energy LLC01170513800GRAND ISLE TANK BATTERYINV49/27/19572017051380020170513800
 GRAND ISLE, LA03295Fieldwood Energy LLC20170513800GRAND ISLE TANK BATTERYACT49/27/1957  
 GI 0047 A02451GOM Shelf LLC3017717E005 GAS49/27/1957  
 GIBSON, LA02289Shell Pipeline Company LP06171092600SHELL PIPELINE GIBSON TERMINALOTH410/21/1960  
 ST 0023 CC03481Cantium, LLC3017717E000 GAS112/27/1962  
 GRAND ISLE, LA02375Energy XXI GOM, LLC01170513700GRAND ISLE TERMINALINV412/3/19632017051370020170513700
 GRAND ISLE, LA02375Energy XXI GOM, LLC20170513700GRAND ISLE TERMINALACT312/3/1963  
 WD 0073 A03151Cox Operating, L.L.C.22177193700 ALL412/3/19632017051370020170513700
 SM 0236 A03151Cox Operating, L.L.C.2217707210DDS OF LP SEP (MBD-6704)ALL18/20/19642017707210220177072102
 SM 0236 A03151Cox Operating, L.L.C.2217707210EDS OF SKIMMER (MBD-6734)ALL18/20/19642017707210220177072102
 EI 0259 A03151Cox Operating, L.L.C.3017709XW08PREVIOUSLY LISTED AS "C" PFGAS16/1/1965  
 MP 0298 A03481Cantium, LLC3017724Z005 GAS12/3/1967  
 SS 0269 B03209Renaissance Offshore, LLC3017712K005 GAS11/17/1968  
 EMPIRE, LA00400Chevron Pipe Line Company06170755110CHEVRON EMPIRE TERMINALOTH26/10/1968  
 SS 0108 B03151Cox Operating, L.L.C.20177112604A/B COMPLEXACT48/16/1968  
 SS 0108 B03151Cox Operating, L.L.C.01177112604SS107 BATTERYINV49/16/19682017711260420177112604
 JOHNSON BAYOU, LA03520Sanare Energy Partners, LLC01170230700WC BLK 20 ONSHORE FACINV212/3/19682017023070020170230700
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