Deepwater Natural Gas and Oil Discoveries and Fields

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Deepwater Natural Gas and Oil Qualified Fields
data last updated: 08-07-2022 03:00 AM(CST)

The following table lists the nicknames of qualified deepwater natural gas and oil fields and leases discovered in the Gulf of Mexico. Leases are listed as having discoveries when a well on the lease is qualified as capable of producing under 30 CFR 550.115 or 30 CFR 550.16. These new producible leases are then designated as either a new field or assigned to an existing field. The designated field name is listed for those leases that have qualified as capable of producing by BOEM. This table provides a listing of field nicknames, location (lease, area and block), the water depth and the current operator, field name code, field discovery date, field first production date, lease qualification date, lease first production date, and lease expiration date from field.

Please note that the field discovery date is the date that the discovery well reached total depth.

(Leases in field water depths over 1,000 feet.)

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Field Nickname(Ascending)
Field Water Depth(ft)
Field Name Code
Field Discovery Date
Field First Production Date
Lease Qualification Date
Lease First Production Date
Lease Expiration Date from Field
  G07424EB 3772450Shell Offshore Inc.EB37710/1/1985 1/14/1986 8/1/1989
  G07483GB 3792047Conoco Inc.GB3797/1/198512/1/200410/1/1985 8/1/1991
  G08222GB 2081267Eni Petroleum Co. Inc.GB2089/1/199111/1/20044/21/1992 4/1/1995
  G08268PI 5253381BP Exploration & Oil Inc.PI5254/30/1996 8/14/1996 11/1/1996
  G11066GC 4634032BP Exploration & Oil Inc.GC46312/1/1998 1/21/1999 4/1/1999
  G13064VK 8621046Walter Oil & Gas CorporationVK86210/1/197612/1/199512/19/199512/7/1995 
  G15464MC 681214Walter Oil & Gas CorporationMC06812/9/19751/1/20017/20/20001/31/200110/1/2005
  G16679GC 391997Eni Petroleum Co. Inc.GC0394/1/1984 4/30/1999 8/1/2003
  G17456GB 8734705BP Exploration & Production Inc.GB87312/9/2006 3/3/2007 6/1/2007
  G21163MC 1612924Walter Oil & Gas CorporationMC1617/16/200511/1/200710/20/200511/2/2007 
  G21750MC 2412902Shell Offshore Inc.MC2859/1/19874/1/20125/6/20094/8/20129/1/2015
  G21750MC 2412902Walter Oil & Gas CorporationMC2859/1/19874/1/20125/6/20094/8/20129/1/2015
  G23278GB 2051330CNOOC Petroleum U.S.A. Inc.GB2057/25/200212/1/20029/18/200212/13/20021/1/2012
  G24182GC 7675116Anadarko Petroleum CorporationGC7678/13/2004 10/15/2004 6/1/2013
  G24182GC 7675116Noble Energy, Inc.GC7678/13/2004 10/15/2004 6/1/2013
  G24462GB 2081267McMoRan Oil & Gas LLCGB2089/1/199111/1/200410/16/200311/6/200411/1/2008
  G24488GB 3782047LLOG Exploration & Production Company, L.L.C.GB3797/1/198512/1/20046/18/200412/24/200411/1/2011
  G25118GC 1371173Walter Oil & Gas CorporationGC1373/2/20041/1/20051/13/20051/13/20053/1/2019
  G25610EB 1971249LLOG Exploration Offshore, L.L.C.EB19712/9/2004 3/24/2005 11/1/2012
  G25673GB 3392180Kosmos Energy Gulf of Mexico Operations, LLCGB33911/22/20083/1/20106/9/20093/1/2010 
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