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Field Definitions for OGORA

Field Definitions for OGORA

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1 7 Lease Number LEASE_NUMBER - The number assigned to a lease by the regulatory agency having jurisdiction over mineral activity in the territory where the lease is located.
8 6 Completion Name COMPLETION_NAME - The name assigned to the completion by the lease operator.
14 6 Production Date PRODUCTION_DATE -The year and month of a production record for a well completion.
20 2 Days On Prod DAYS_ON_PROD -The number of days that a well completion produced in a month.
22 1 Product Code PRODUCT_CODE -Indicates the primary commodity or product produced by a completion, well, lease or unit.
23 9 Monthly Oil Volume MON_O_PROD_VOL -The monthly quantity of oil produced from a completion.
32 9 Monthly Gas Volume MON_G_PROD_VOL -The monthly quantity of gas produced from a completion.
41 9 Monthly Water Volume MON_WTR_PROD_VOL -The monthly quantity of water produced from a completion.
50 12 Api Well Number API_WELL_NUMBER - A unique well identification number consisting of (from left to right) a two digit state code (or pseudo for Offshore), a three digit county code (or pseudo for Offshore), a five digit unique well code, and if applicable, a two digit sidetrack code as defined in API Bulletin D12A.
62 2 Well Status Code WELL_STAT_CD -Indicates the physical status of a well completion during the production month.
64 8 Area/Block/Bottom Area/Bottom Block This field is derived from the expression... NVL(WCV.AREA_CODE||WCV.BLOCK_NUMBER,BV.BOTM_AREA_CODE||BV.BOTM_BLOCK_NUM) ...and consists of these database columns:
AREA_CODE - The designated abbreviation assigned to Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) geographical units for identification purposes and for use on maps and in data bases.
BLOCK_NUMBER - Identifies a subdivision of an Official Protraction Diagram.
BOTM_AREA_CODE - The designated abbreviation assigned to Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) geographical units for identification purposes and for use on maps and in data bases as applied to the bottomhole location of a well.
BOTM_BLOCK_NUM - Identifies a subdivision of an Official Protraction Diagram as applied to the subdivision containing the bottomhole location of a well.
72 5 Operator Num OPERATOR_NUM -The number assigned by the Minerals Management Service to a business entity, individual, or agency with whom MMS does business or exchanges information.
77 45 Operator Name SORT_NAME -The name of the business entity doing business on the OCS used for sorting purposes. For example, The Louisana Land and Exploration Company would have a short name of LOUISIANA LAND AND EXPLORATION COMPANY, THE and therefore sort with business entities whose name begins with "L."
122 8 Field Name Code FIELD_NAME_CODE -Name of the field in which the well is located.
130 9 Injection Volume INJECTION_VOLUME -The quantity of fluids injected under pressure into a reservoir through an injection well as part of a pressure-maintenance, secondary-recovery, or recycling operation.
139 3 Production Interval Code PROD_INTERVAL_CD -Indicates the number of tubing strings and the producing or injection interval of the well.
142 8 First Production Date FIRST_PROD_DATE -The date a lease is first placed on continuous extraction of solid minerals or flow of fluid minerals that is primarily for sales rather than for testing.
150 10 Unit Agreement Number UNIT_AGT_NUMBER -The identifier assigned to an approved unit agreement.
160 2 Unit Aloc Suffix UNIT_ALOC_SUFFIX -Unknown