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Exploration and Development Plans Information
data last updated: 06-21-2021 04:00 AM(CST)

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Plan Information

Plan Control Code
Plan Control Number(Ascending)
Operator Number
Operator Name
Plan Type
Received Date
Plan Coordinator
Due Date
N1016303209Renaissance Offshore, LLCDOCD4/19/2021HH9/2/2021

Lease Information

Bottom Lease Number(Ascending)
Bottom Area Code
Bottom Block Number
Surface Lease Number
Surface Area Code
Surface Block Number
   G36942SS 219
   G36942SS 219
G36942SS 219G36942SS 219
G36942SS 219G36942SS 219
G36942SS 219G36942SS 219


Submission Type(Ascending)
Submission Date
Deemed Submitted Date
NEPA Determination Type
Final Action Code
Final Action Date

Plan Sites

Plan Site Type
Plan Site Name(Ascending)
Surf E W Dist
Surf E W Code
Surf N S Dist
Surf N S Code
Surf Area Code
Surf Block Num
Surf Prot Num
Surf Lease Num
Surf Proj Zone
Surf X Coord Loc
Surf Y Coord Loc
Surf Latitude
Surf Longitude
Botm Lease Num
Botm Area Code
Botm Block Num
Water Depth
Site Cancel Dt
WELLA0163626E4054NSS 219LA5G36942722074374-57962.002028.50708382-91.10183756G36942SS 219113 
WELLA0183630E4033NSS 219LA5G36942722074370-57941.002028.50714158-91.10184988G36942SS 219113 
STRUCTUREA-CMP3763E4069NSS 219LA5G36942722074237-57977.002028.50704333-91.10226408   112 
STRUCTUREA-PRD3663E4169NSS 219LA5G36942722074337-58077.002028.50676782-91.10195345   112 
STRUCTUREA-QRT3663E4069NSS 219LA5G36942722074337-57977.002028.50704278-91.10195282   112 
STRUCTUREB3000E4500SSS 219LA5G36942722075000-63369.5428.49221179-91.09992337   110 
WELLB0013002E4538SSS 219LA5G36942722074998-63331.5428.49231628-91.09992936G36942SS 219117 
WELLB0043005E4544SSS 219LA5G36942722074995-63325.5428.4923328-91.09993865G36942SS 219117 
WELLB0083008E4551SSS 219LA5G36942722074992-63318.5428.49235206-91.09994795G36942SS 219118 
WELLB0093013E4548SSS 219LA5G36942722074987-63321.5428.49234384-91.09996353G36942SS 219118 
WELLB0173000E4547SSS 219LA5G36942722075000-63322.5428.49234102-91.09992307G36942SS 219117 
WELLB0213007E4536SSS 219LA5G36942722074993-63333.5428.49231081-91.09994493G36942SS 219117 
WELLB0243006E4560SSS 219LA5G36942722074994-63309.5428.4923768-91.09994166G36942SS 219113 
WELLB0263011E4557SSS 219LA5G36942722074989-63312.5428.49236858-91.09995724G36942SS 219113 

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