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Exploration and Development Plans Information
data last updated: 02-06-2023 04:00 AM(CST)

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Plan Information

Plan Control Code
Plan Control Number(Ascending)
Operator Number
Operator Name
Plan Type
Received Date
Plan Coordinator
Due Date
N1020500689Shell Offshore Inc.DOCD11/18/2022HE5/10/2023

Lease Information

Bottom Lease Number(Ascending)
Bottom Area Code
Bottom Block Number
Surface Lease Number
Surface Area Code
Surface Block Number
G31507MC 525G31507MC 525
G31513MC 569G31513MC 569


Submission Type(Ascending)
Submission Date
Deemed Submitted Date
NEPA Determination Type
Final Action Code
Final Action Date
I11/18/2022 CERA  

Plan Sites

Plan Site Type
Plan Site Name(Ascending)
Surf E W Dist
Surf E W Code
Surf N S Dist
Surf N S Code
Surf Area Code
Surf Block Num
Surf Prot Num
Surf Lease Num
Surf Proj Zone
Surf X Coord Loc
Surf Y Coord Loc
Surf Latitude
Surf Longitude
Botm Lease Num
Botm Area Code
Botm Block Num
Water Depth
Site Cancel Dt
WELLF3536W80SMC 525NH16-10G315071613340961032776028.45594085-87.95359793G31507MC 5257517 
WELLF ALT-13590W119SMC 525NH16-10G315071613341501032779928.45604932-87.95343081G31507MC 5257517 
WELLG3741W33NMC 569NH16-10G315131613343011032764728.45563445-87.95295704G31513MC 5697517 
WELLG ALT-13660W85NMC 569NH16-10G315131613342201032759528.45548963-87.95320788G31513MC 5697517 

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