Platform Structures INCS Field Definitions

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Platform Structures INCS Field Definitions

Field Name 
Data Type 
Field Length 
ID_NUMBER VARCHAR240The number assigned by MMS to identify a rig, complex, or pipeline segment.
INC_NUMBER VARCHAR212A number assigned to a violation of federal regulations as defined in Title 30 Code of Federal Regulations, as amended, as noted by a Minerals Management Service (MMS) inspector during an inspection of a facility or pipeline.
INC_ENFRC_CODE VARCHAR23An indicator identifying the enforcement action taken as a result of an Incident of Noncompliance (INC)
STRUCTURE_NUMBER NUMBER22A unique number assigned to a specific structure within a complex.
STRUCTURE_NAME VARCHAR245The name of the structure assigned by the owner.
MMS_COMPANY_NUM VARCHAR215The number assigned by the Minerals Management Service to a business entity, individual, or agency with whom MMS does business or exchanges information.
COMPANY_NAME VARCHAR2300The name of a **business associate**.
INC_ISSUE_DATE DATE7The day, month, and year the Incident of NonCompliance (INC) is written.
INSP_DATE DATE7The day, month, and year an inspection was performed.

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