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The Minerals Revenue Management (MRM) Office of the MMS has extracted a Summary File of Suspended Oil and Gas Operations Reports (OGOR) in Excel, Version 97 SR-2 from a working database which is derived from OGORs submitted by oil and gas companies to the MRM in Denver, Colorado. This data is only from Part A (Well Production) of the Original OGOR submission and some lines are in error and did not accept, as they did not meet specific edit criteria when processed by MRM. Providing these records to the Offshore Minerals Management, Gulf of Mexico Regional Office is an interim measure to supplement the production data currently available on this website.

MRM is not providing any revisions (i.e., Modify or Replace OGOR's) to the original OGOR submissions. Remaining OGOR-A data currently received, but not processed by MRM will be available on future "Suspended Production" Files or as an accepted record in the "Production for Latest Month" or "Production for Subsequent Months" reports also on this web page.

MRM is continuing to work with operators to correct the OGOR's. MRM will provide future files biweekly, for publication on this website, of OGOR-A's that have not accepted in our system. Please note that some files may contain the same records as the previous file.

If you have questions regarding the format or description of the fields, please contact MRM at 1-800-525-7922, extension 3675.